The Team

Snow kiting (skis pulled by wind energy) has been our passion for 10 years. We have followed and helped the sport to grow up by creating schools, organizing events, producing movies, photos,articles, etc…
Today, the public knows snow kiting mostly through free styling, as a reference to kite surfing.
But to us, and a growing amount of riders, the heart of the sport is somewhere else :

Into the wild !

Snow kiting is the best example of how to combine sport, adventure, passion, friendship and respect of the environment.
The VAKE 2010 race is the first of the kind, in northern Norway, way above the Artic Circle. As a team of two experienced snow kiters, we are taking part in it in order to push our limits and bring the sport to another level.

FIRSTNAME : Sébastien
AGE : 34
JOB : Snowkiting Instructor / Cameraman / Photograph / Webmaster

2005: Open the first Snowkiting School in Savoie (France) : http://www.snowkiting‐
2008 ‐ 2009 ‐ 2010: Organization of the French Snowkiting Championships
2008: Climbing up Mt Blanc with touring skis and skiing down north face
2008: Snowkiting trip to South America :
Over 15 000 visitors on the blog, all over the world (Europe, US, Japan, Russia, etc…)
2009: Movie from the South America trip called “Passionément volcans” wins 1st Prize in 2 mountain films festival (Autrans and Valmorel)
Link to view the movie :
2010: Movie “Passionnément Volcans” shown in major film festivals in France, Italy, Chile and Canada. Viewed by roughly 30 000 people over the internet.

AGE : 33
JOB : Snow kiting Instructor / Paragliding Tandem Pilot / Adventure
2000: Open a Paragliding tandem center in the Italian Alps
2004: A life spent in the air, realizing many flight over 100km and 1 of 150km with standard wings, always in solitary.
2007: Moved to Sweden to open an Adventure center ( and as well as a snow kiting school. Discovered and opened 10 spots where no one has never been kiting before.
2008: Many kite trips in the Swedish wilderness, in solitary, with a white Siberian husky and making also original videos that have collect a lot of interest
2009‐2010: Organizing Sweden Snow kite Camp where riders from all over the world take part in guided rides in the wilderness, enjoying stunning landscapes.


3 Responses

  1. Hello

    Hope you got safe back home. What a nice video from VAKE. It gives you the good feeling.

    You use a trapes I haven’t seen before. What type was that and is it good for long distance kiting?

    best regards
    Nils Arne and Pål

    • Hi Nils and thanks for the comment.
      If you’re talking about the harness, this is not a new concept as it was used for widsurfing before I think.
      The hook can move sideways depending where the kite is. We had not tested it before the race, but I have to say I found it very efficient and comfortable for long distance.

      In fact, you can keep your body facing the skis, while the hook goes sideways to follow the kite. Much less torsion in the upper body!
      You can find some more details from our sponsor JAY STORE in Italy, which provided us with this equipment :

      Good luck with kite-crossing Greenland this summer!!!! Keep us updated with your blog 🙂

  2. hi Nils and sebastien!
    nils, do you remember me ? christelle and raimo from finland, we were at wissa in riga with you…
    well, a friend of dominique (canada) and us had the same harness as you are now talking about…..

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