Final results : Evergreen Team comes 5th after 175 km of race! :)

Organization at its TOP : at the finish line, we are welcomed in a tent, especially set up for the Vake competitors, with a fireplace, BBQ, warm local soup and beers!

What can we ask for more? Some sauna and hot tub… yeah right!

Well we only had to ask…

After all the teams have arrived, we all reach Vadso where a diner (local reindeer meat!) has been organized in an old farm. 3 warm saunas and 2 hot tubs are waiting for us outside, with loads of Norwegian cold beers…

The final results are given : our team finished 5th on the overall, out of the 14th team which have raced over the last 3 days. But whatever the result, we are so happy to have joined this race and made it to the end.

We are aware that except for the small snow storm, we have been extremely lucky with the good weather conditions, visibility and high temperatures. It would have been a total other story racing the same 175km in the white out, by -20 degrees….

Anyway, competitors and staff all join in the hot tub to enjoy the party until late in the night, when the sunrise makes us realise that it’s time to go to bed, as we all have to go back to our everyday life, living our great memories of this VAKE 2010 behind us.

Finally, the VAKE is probably, and up to this day, the longest and hardest snowkiting race in the world. But for us, is simply the BEST of all! Great atmosphere, cool spirit, professional organization and amazing kiting area…

BIG UP to the Varanger Kite Club and it’s sponsors who have offered us one of the best snowkiting experience EVER!

And many thanks to our sponsors, families and friends ou have helped us before and through this adventure. For sure, we will do our best to come back next year !


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