Day 2 : Waiting in a snow storm…

Our body is hurting when we wake up this morning. But we know why… 🙂

Sleeping in the snow was not a problem at all, since we are well equipped with proper Artic sleeping bags from our sponsor Bergans of Norway. Anyway, this is a very mild spring, and lately the temperatures have hardly dropped below -5 degrees at night. Good for us !

Morning briefing is clear : today’s leg has to be cancelled due to bad weather expected during the afternoon (snow and strong winds). Beside, we are already standing in the fog, and the 2 missing teams have not been rescued yet because of too bad visibility…

A dog sledge has joined us, so we enjoy a few rides with them. The organization has also set up a big tent with a small wood stove, where a few of us can spend some time chatting and warming up for a while.

But the snow storm picks up in the afternoon just after the missing team joined us. We have to secure the tent and build some wind shelter using snow blocks. The Russians do even better : they built a real Igloo! Beautifully done…

Finally, this day stuck at camp site is an opportunity to recharge our “batteries” while sleeping or relaxing in our sleeping bags… getting ready for the next leg of tomorrow!


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