Lighter winds, higher mountains and Northern Lights!

The next day, the wind has dropped. But there is still enough to fill up our kites 🙂 So Ivan offers to go to another spot nearby Långå. Not as wide as yesterday, but with higher mountains and hills, to enjoy on our skis.

We start from a farm with Icelander horses running free. Beautiful animals! After a 10min walk, we reach an open plateau where the wind is already blowing. The terrain is very interesting, with hills and bumps, and little canyons. But it’s when we reach the top of the mountains that the view opens on the forests of Härjedalen. This is so wild !

After 3-4h kiting, we come back down just before sunset. It’s time to go back to Långå where Carolina, Ivan’s wife, and the kids are waiting for diner. We also have to prepare a few things for the trip.

After diner, we are going to take a sauna. Traditionnal, in a wooden house standing in the garden and heated with a fireplace…. this is so nice to enjoy with a beer, talking about life, weather, happiness, etc etc…

It’s close to midnight, so we’re heading to bed. But walking toward the house, Ivam yells : look back, there is a Northern light!!

And yes… behind the hill, looking North, the sky is filled with a green glow, with moving lasers, sometime high sometime low…. WOAAAWW !! I had only seen that on TV but in real life, this is just a crazy experience.

Well, let’s hope it’s a good sign for our trip and the competition !


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