1600km, 3 countries, 2 days…What a trip!

We left Långå on monday morning, after picking up the last Montana 12,5m for Ivan at the petrol station. We left Härjedalen driving north toward Luleå and Finland. They are no high ways, but the road through the forest are just straight and looooong…. It’s such a great feeling to drive in the wild, passing a village from time to time, and crossing a car every 10-15 min… There are no many people living up there…

We set up the tent next to a gravel road. Ivan lights a fire in order to grill the sausages. As 2 real latins, we have bought some red wine and a bit of blue cheese. It’s not too cold, something around 5 degrees, and after a little while, we see that some northern lights are slowly rising up from the horizon… Another one !? In 2 days !? Well in the end that will only be a very small one so we go to our sleeping bags.

Arriving close to the Finland border, we are driving along the Baltic sea.. totally frozen as far as our eyes can see…. The sun is shining. What a spectacular sight!

Around lunch time, we are approaching the Polar Circle, in the city of Rovaniemi. The city of Santa Claus !! A bit of a touristic thing…. but hey! they were clever enough to bring thousands of tourists in this quite uninteresting par of the country. Well done!

Until then, Finland was not looking very wild, with houses spread along the main road. But once we passed the Polar Circle, they become fewer and fewer, living room to wide open areas of small trees, big frozen lakes, and desertic hills. We are captivated by this wilderness, seeing some reindeers from time to time… and forget to fill up the tank of the car until the alarm goes on, giving un 50km to go…. The problem is that the road signs give us 80km to the next village, and there is absolutely NOTHING in this area… except hills and trees as far as eyes can see…

Hum… we have everything to spend the night out, but we can’t arrive late for the Race ! Hopefully, trying to drive as intellegently and economically, we reach the gas station with probably 0,5l in the tank….. Ouf!

Crossing the bridge taking us into Norway, the vegetation starts to change slowly, showing that we are getting closer to the ocean. We are driving along a large river, carrying large bits and chunks of ice, illuminated by the war light of the  lowering sun. It is just beautiful!

Around 8pm we drive in to Vadsø, where we will meet the organisator of the race tomorrow morning. The northern wind is blowing quite hard, freezing us down to the bones. It’s only zero degrees, but the moisture in the air makes is hard to cope with.

We find a place outside to village to plant our tent. It will be on snow as the rocky ground does not accept our tent poles… After 20min setting up everything, we hear a raging sound coming toward us…. It’s a plane, flying quite low… and descending to the pist a few hundred meters from us! 🙂 Nevermind, it’s too cold to move away, so we’ll stay here. There are probably no many planes landing on this part of the world… 🙂


One Response

  1. You have escaped of the gasoline breakdown, you have camped on a airplane runway…
    The things begin well (is it a new movie of the “7ème compagnie” ?) 🙂

    If you are frozen at 0°C, I don’t know how can you survive when the temperature will be 40 under zero, and/or the wind will be hard ? Take care of you

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