Welcome to our Snowkiting Adventure blog!

Welcome to our blog !

We, the Evergreen Snowkiting Team, will share with you our experience of the VAKE 2010, from the 15th to the 18th of April, above the Polar Circle, in the north of Norway.

What is it ? Well according to its organisators, the VAKE 2010 will be the “The longest, hardest and toughest snowkite race in the world”. Between 200 and 300km to race on the Varanger plateau. 18 teams of 2 kiters will compete, carrying all their equipement during 3-4 days, kiting, eating and sleeping on the ice. Several check points will have to be passed before reaching the final line!


6 Responses

  1. yes ijah * go go evergreen team !! it will be a great adventure to follow you through the race. will you be able to update during the race ??

    • Hej, we will try to post news as often as possible, but probably not during the 3-4 days of race. Anyway, we are looking at setting up a GPS tracker which will allow us to be followed on the web. Stay tuned ! Sébastien

    • Helloy Jenz ! you will know everything about, … every little detail, with passion and honesty as usual.
      …and in some how, you will be there with us! see you

  2. Go go Nesto!
    Go go Guido!

    Have fun in there boyz, I’ll be following!


  3. I wish you good luck for the race.
    It’s a new race. So, this is the year to win, before there are many people which come. I think that it will be a great adventure. Take care of you against the weather conditions. I hope that they will be perfect.
    In waiting, relax you, admire the places, and to make us dream when you come back with the photos and videos, which I don’t doubt that they will be superb

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